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Top 10 Things to Do in Ubud

Ubud, a serene and enchanting town in the heart of Bali, is a cultural and natural paradise that beckons travelers from around the globe. Nestled amidst lush rainforests and terraced rice paddies, Ubud offers a remarkable blend of cultural richness and natural beauty. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the top 10 things to do in Ubud, Bali, providing you with an overview of the activities and attractions that make this destination truly exceptional.

Explore Ubud’s Cultural Riches

Visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

One of the first cultural experiences that greets you in Ubud is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. This lush and sacred jungle is home to a troop of long-tailed macaques and several ancient temples. As you explore the forest, you’ll be surrounded by curious monkeys, and you’ll have the chance to admire the intricate stone carvings and serene temple complexes that are scattered throughout. It’s a harmonious blend of nature and culture, creating an unforgettable experience.

Ubud Sacred Monkey Sanctuary

Attend a Traditional Balinese Dance Performance

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Balinese culture by attending a traditional dance performance in Ubud. These performances often take place at local temples or cultural centers and feature graceful dancers in intricate costumes, telling stories from Balinese mythology through dance and music. The captivating artistry and storytelling will transport you to another world, making it a must-see cultural experience.

Discover the Ubud Royal Palace

Your exploration of Ubud’s cultural riches would be incomplete without a visit to the Ubud Royal Palace, also known as Puri Saren Agung. The palace, still inhabited by Ubud’s royal family, showcases traditional Balinese architecture, lush gardens, and intricate details. You can wander through the palace grounds, admire the intricate artwork, and even catch a glimpse of traditional Balinese performances that often take place in the courtyard.

Ubud Royal Palace

Nature and Adventure

Explore the Stunning Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Tegallalang Rice Terraces are one of Bali’s most iconic and photographed landscapes. These terraced rice fields create a striking patchwork of green that stretches to the horizon. A visit here allows you to stroll along the narrow pathways between the rice paddies, capturing postcard-worthy photographs while appreciating the intricate and ancient Balinese irrigation system that sustains these lush fields.

Take a Walk through the Campuhan Ridge Walk

For nature enthusiasts, the Campuhan Ridge Walk offers a scenic trek that immerses you in the natural beauty of Ubud. This trail winds through the lush and hilly landscapes, offering breathtaking views of the Campuhan River and the surrounding countryside. The easy walk is perfect for a leisurely morning or afternoon adventure. As you traverse the path, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility and escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Go on a Cycling Adventure through Ubud’s Countryside

Cycling is an excellent way to explore Ubud’s picturesque countryside and rural villages. Various tour operators offer guided cycling tours that take you through the rice fields, lush jungles, and traditional villages. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with locals, witness traditional farming methods, and soak in the idyllic scenery that surrounds Ubud.

Wellness and Relaxation

Experience a Traditional Balinese Spa Treatment

Ubud is renowned for its world-class spa facilities and traditional Balinese spa treatments. The town is dotted with wellness retreats and spas, each offering a range of indulgent massages, facials, and holistic therapies. Balinese massage, with its focus on deep relaxation and rejuvenation, is a must-try. Allow the skilled therapists to transport you to a state of bliss while you are surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature.

Attend a Yoga or Meditation Class in Ubud

Ubud has long been a magnet for yoga and meditation enthusiasts. The town is home to numerous yoga studios and meditation centers, offering classes suitable for practitioners of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a novice looking to explore the ancient art of meditation, you’ll find a class that suits your needs. The serene surroundings and knowledgeable instructors create a perfect atmosphere for inner reflection and physical well-being.

Enjoy a Rejuvenating Visit to the Tirta Empul Temple

The Tirta Empul Temple, also known as the Holy Spring Temple, is a Balinese Hindu water temple renowned for its purification baths. Located near the town of Tampaksiring, this temple complex features a large rectangular pool fed by natural springs. Visitors are welcome to take part in a traditional purification ritual by entering the crystal-clear waters and following a specific series of cleansing steps. It’s a spiritually uplifting experience that allows you to connect with Balinese culture and immerse yourself in a unique and ancient tradition.

Tirta Empul Temple

Ubud Art and Craft Galleries

Visit the Blanco Renaissance Museum

The Blanco Renaissance Museum is a celebration of the life and works of the late Philippine-born maestro, Don Antonio Blanco. This museum and gallery showcase Blanco’s colorful and passionate art, which is inspired by his love for Bali and its people. Exploring the museum’s collection of paintings and visiting the artist’s former residence is a journey through a world of creativity and passion.

Explore the Agung Rai Museum of Art

The Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) is a cultural hub that not only showcases traditional and contemporary Balinese art but also serves as a center for cultural preservation and education. ARMA’s extensive collection includes paintings, sculptures, and traditional Balinese masks, all set within a lush garden that makes for a serene and reflective visit.

Discover Traditional Balinese Art at the Neka Art Museum

The Neka Art Museum is a treasure trove of Balinese and Indonesian art. Its collection spans various genres and artistic movements, offering a comprehensive look at the evolution of Balinese art. Visitors can admire traditional Balinese paintings, contemporary works, and pieces from influential Indonesian artists. A visit here provides an enriching insight into the vibrant and ever-evolving art scene of Bali.

Gastronomic Delights

Savor Balinese Cuisine at a Local Warung

Exploring the local culinary scene is an integral part of any travel experience, and Ubud offers a plethora of dining options to tantalize your taste buds. Begin your gastronomic journey by visiting a traditional Balinese warung, a local eatery serving authentic Balinese dishes. Here, you can sample dishes like Nasi Campur (mixed rice) and Bebek Betutu (stuffed duck) to savor the flavors of Bali.

Explore the Ubud Traditional Market for Local Snacks

Ubud’s traditional market is a sensory delight, filled with a vibrant array of colors, aromas, and flavors. Among the stalls of fresh produce and handmade crafts, you’ll find vendors selling local snacks and street food. From crispy fried bananas to mouthwatering Mie Goreng (fried noodles), this market offers a chance to explore Balinese street food culture and indulge in delicious, affordable bites.

Dine in Style at a Scenic Ubud Restaurant

For a more upscale dining experience, Ubud boasts a selection of scenic restaurants that offer a blend of culinary excellence and breathtaking views. From dining amid lush rice terraces to enjoying a romantic dinner overlooking the Ayung River, these restaurants provide an exquisite setting to savor Balinese and international cuisine.

Excursions and Day Trips

Take a Day Trip to the Tegenungan Waterfall

Located a short drive from Ubud, the Tegenungan Waterfall is a natural wonder worth visiting. It’s a place of lush greenery and cool, cascading waters. After a brief hike, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of the waterfall and a chance to swim in the freshwater pool below. The Tegenungan Waterfall is a perfect spot for a day trip, especially if you want to combine nature exploration with some refreshing adventure.

Tegunungan Waterfall

Visit the Goa Gajah Elephant Cave Temple

Goa Gajah, or the Elephant Cave Temple, is a significant archaeological site in Ubud. The temple’s entrance is guarded by a menacing stone demon, and inside, you’ll discover a cave adorned with intricate stone carvings and a central meditation area. The temple’s historical significance and unique rock carvings make it a captivating place to explore.

Goa Gajah Temple

Discover the Beauty of the Bali Bird Park

If you have a passion for wildlife and nature, a visit to the Bali Bird Park is a delightful excursion. The park is home to a diverse array of avian species, both local and exotic. You can stroll through beautifully landscaped aviaries and enjoy bird shows that showcase the intelligence and beauty of these feathered creatures. It’s an ideal outing for families and nature enthusiasts.

Tips and Recommendations

Travel Tips and Advice for a Memorable Visit to Ubud

  • Plan your visit during the dry season (April to October) to make the most of outdoor activities and sightseeing.
  • Be respectful when visiting temples and follow local customs, including wearing appropriate clothing.
  • Bargaining is common in local markets; don’t hesitate to negotiate prices.
  • Keep cash handy, as not all places in Ubud accept credit cards.

The Best Times to Experience Each Activity

  • Cultural performances are often held in the evening, making it a perfect time to experience Balinese dance.
  • Morning is the best time for trekking and nature walks when the weather is cooler.
  • Yoga and meditation classes typically have morning and evening sessions.
  • Visit the Tirta Empul Temple in the morning to avoid crowds.

Information on Local Customs and Etiquette

  • Dress modestly when entering temples and sacred sites. This includes wearing a sarong and a sash.
  • Remove your shoes when entering a Balinese house or temple.
  • Don’t point your feet at people or sacred objects, as feet are considered the lowest part of the body.
  • Learn a few basic Indonesian phrases, as the locals appreciate tourists who make an effort to communicate in their language.

Final Thoughts

Ubud, Bali, is a place where nature and culture intertwine harmoniously, creating an atmosphere of serenity and enrichment. The top 10 things to do in Ubud, as explored in this guide, offer a diverse range of experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in Balinese culture, explore the natural beauty of the region, and indulge in culinary delights.

As you plan your visit to Ubud, remember to appreciate the cultural and spiritual significance of the sites you explore. Be open to the warm hospitality of the Balinese people and respect the local customs. Your journey through Ubud will be a transformative and memorable experience, leaving you with a deep appreciation for the beauty and culture of this remarkable destination.

Ubud is not just a place to visit; it’s a destination to savor, celebrate, and cherish. Its essence is an invitation to connect with nature, nurture your well-being, and appreciate the artistry and spirituality that define this unique corner of Bali. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural enrichment, Ubud offers something truly special for every traveler. Plan your trip, embrace the magic of Ubud, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Ubud’s top 10 attractions are only the beginning of the enchanting journey that awaits you in this cultural and natural paradise.

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